Iron Gods

Magic item list (And tech)

Lynn 200

Lynn: Epick and battery and Flashlight

Potion cure light wounds
+1 light hammer

tech stuff:
72 vending discs (distributed) dead batteries? -10gp each
5 cards with brown stripe (distributed)
1 black card
Grippers (tool) 2 to str as prybar (24 str for holding things together/d47 damage attack but provokes 100 gold
4 Batteries:charged (10 charges) 100gp each
1 Radiation detector – 1 charge per hour shows levels 2000 gold
1 Brown nanite hypo gun: Injects to heal d8+1 and remove sickness (no charge) takes 5 to heal – 1000gp
2 Nanite canistors (brown) 10 charges d8+1 500gp each
2 Grade 1 hemocheck (stops bleeding/gives fast healing 1 for 1 minute) 1 charge
locker room:
Unopened White locker (COME BACK FOR THIS)


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