Iron Gods

Magic item list (And tech)

DKP: 700 each

Lynn -200
Jeff -2000
Barbara 0
Trey -1000
Harry 300

Harry potion of cure moderate -300
Lynn: Epick and battery and Flashlight
Jeff +1 ring of prot
Trey +1 Cloak of resistance 1000

Potion cure light wounds (loonquawl holding)
+1 light hammer 2301 gp (Genedine holder)
7 screaming bolts -267gp each (Grenedine holding)

1 potions of cure moderate (loonquawl holding)
+1 Composite longbow (14 str)
+1 studded leather
wand of grease – 11 charges
scroll-sound burst
7 bolts +1

tech stuff:
2 polymer nets
timeworn auto grapnel – 300 foot (500 lbs weight) can rewind as standard (22 str/lodges in creature) D8+6 1 charge per firing (Battery equals 20 charges) 10 lbs 2000
Timeworn: emergency beacon -450 gold 10 lbs/ 30 charges per battery, each last 1 day
14 cards with brown stripe (5 distributed)
2 black card
2 white card
Grippers (tool) 2 to str as prybar (24 str for holding things together/d47 damage attack but provokes 100 gold
Med Lance
16 Batteries:charged (10 charges) 100gp each
1 Radiation detector – 1 charge per hour shows levels 2000 gold
1 Brown nanite hypo gun: Injects to heal d8+1 and remove sickness (no charge) takes 5 to heal – 1000gp
2 Nanite canistors (brown) 10 charges d8+1 500gp each
2 Grade 1 hemocheck (stops bleeding/gives fast healing 1 for 1 minute) 1 charge
locker room:
2 Bang grenades: stagger creatures for a round/deafen for d4 rounds 20 foot radius-250 each DC 15
1 Flash grenade -750 gold (blind for d4 rounds DC 15
1 TO
body suit: neuroplast armo 2 ac/8 dex/5% arcane/ 24 charges -1 charge to camo (3 stealth
1 TO

power relay: Energy transmission/ Chose a power plant and redirecting it to somwhere else (NE 75 miles is a pile of scrap junk know as scrap wall)
super rare and can permanently turn it off.

triple boss fight of doom:
Timeworn VMod goggles vmod: vision enhancement : black magnify +2 perception 10 charges per battery 1 day/charge- 1000 (googles) 400 (black strip)
timeworn Med lance (dispense 10 shots of whatever you load it in

timeworn proximity helmet: 2000gp- HUD display 1 hour per charge (fully charge) 5 perception check on moving objects (alarm ner ear when a creature approaches 60 feet or closer
Nanite hypogun (black nanites):-2d8
3 healing (1 charge)/lesser restoration (5 /10 left) charge)/1LB/half full
2x generic nanite canisters
3- spool of ion tape (50 ft tape/adhesive/with a charge it solidifies, second charge weakens it)
Timeworn fire extinguisher 10 charges (15’ cone of vapor that puts out fire) 3000 gp
2 Zip sticks- takes 10 charges/jolt of electricity :
Universal serum: blue/red/green: Heal d8+ red:4 con/blue4 str/+4 dex for 3 minutes, after which fatigue-400 1 dose
2x gas grenade
4 pink stuff 200gp each (damages wisdom/dulls pain)
3- Nanite conister refills any color
2x Two vitaliuty serums: inject immune to low radiation/heals d4 str damge/ last one hour/ 1 charge
torpinal: inject to make person more cooperative to interrogation/ 1 charge- dc 12 will save
Timeworn stun gun 5 charges: – 1500

+1 Pistol::Inferno : d6 fire (uses nanite canisters) 9/10 charges left/crit does burn damage 30" range increments – 7300
+1 chain shirt

Battle Axe
Ring of the ram 17 charges:

U ID’s
+1 Great Club
+1 Hide armor
Scroll- Animate dead
Scroll- Animate Dead
Scroll- Command Undead
14 soothe goo

3 gas grenades

3 grenades
1 gun

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